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From my own experiences:

When I started out a few years ago, family and friend recommended that in order to be able to cope with the business processes and to cut down on the travelling and the transportation time I acquire a vehicle for the business. This thought had been consistently on top of my mind for a long time but for financial reasons I kept postponing the decision till it became absolutely imminent that that business have a van totally dedicated to its core processes in case we had t come across as competent service.

The dilemma was real:

A hard look at my balance sheet said that no doubt business was looking up and the startup had garnered a lot of interest among people and we were happy with the good word about our service going around but we could still not afford a vehicle. Not yet.

The next logical step:

The next step was to then opt for van contract hire Edinburgh because that is where most of my business was concentrated. The van leasing that I chose had the best fleet on display and the terms were more or less suited to my business and so we signed the dotted line without much ado. Remember, we had an imminent need for a van.

The rest is history!

Like I always tell my folk, you need to be very clear from the beginning. You can either take a plunge and buy a van outright and be ready to foot everything from maintenance to service to insurance et al or you go in for the convenience of hiring a van where the maintenance and the rest of it barring the comprehensive insurance that may need to be looked after by you. a lot of leasing companies will do the comprehensive cover but it must be expressed in the contract signed by you with them.


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