Radar Detector Technology

Most of the people would have crossed speed limits in their life at least once. Many people are lucky that no law enforcement person is nearby to catch. However, it is a pity if one is caught for speeding by a cop.

Radar gun:

Cops use what is called as a Radar gun, this gun transmits electromagnetic waves that get reflected from metal bodies, in this case, the car and then it is received back by the gun. The gun then calculates the speed of the car but taking into account the time difference. This is how the radar gun works and how cops catch people for speeding.

Radar Detector:

Some electronic geeks thought on ways to defeat it and found that they can have a detector of these electromagnetic waves in the air and alert the driver of the possibility of a cop in the vicinity. However, if the cop is right behind you and has already triggered the gun then it may be too late for you to react. Modern day cops use also laser guns called as LIDAR.

The next advancement that occurred in the radar detector is the Jammer, devices are capable of sending a jamming signal to prevent the cop from getting any data. This is, however, illegal in most parts of the world.

If you are on the lookout for a radar detector then look no further than your mobile or laptop, you can find the best radar detector 2017 online and the best part is you can also compare the many products and see which suits your needs and budget. Technology has improved here as well where everything is readily available at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen.

Radar Detector Detector:

The cops also have what is called as a radar detector detector (RDD), which can find out if you have a radar detector inside your vehicle. The radar detectors also emit some radio signals and hence they can be detected using these RDDs.